Centre Plate


We can remanufacture most centre plates as long as they are not too worn out and the parts are available.  The sizes range between 160mm (6inch) to 380mm (15inch), but it is also  possible to do plates that are smaller or larger.

When remanufacturing centre plates we try to salvage as much as we can, the parts that are broken are then replaced with new parts, whether this be the spline or springs etc.  The units are firstly stripped completely down, all worn or broken parts are disguarded, they go through the cleaning process and are then blasted,  the rebuild begins, all parts are replaced,  only using new parts if required, the last thing to go on the centre plate is the lining, these are all new.

Unfortunately we can only  guarantee clutch kits and not items purchased individually, as you are placing them with old and worn partsWhen changing a clutch it is always recommended that you replace the whole unit, whether you choose remanufactured or new.

All our parts that are remanufactured are built to OE specification.