Performance Brakes

Brake Discs


All our performance brake disc & pads are of EBC brand.

There are currently 2 different sports disc on the market of EBC, firstly there is the GD Slotted and Dimpled Sports Disc, these discs have the ability to cool the pad and rotor interface which will maintain an even pad wear, these discs are gold zinc anodised which helps resist corrosion.  The second sports disc are the USR Slotted Sports Disc, the slots help degrassing of the pads and remove dirt, dust and debris, these discs are coated with EPF heat paint which is totally resistant to heat and salt spray that destroys most ordinary coatings.


Brake Pads


The EBC pad range is probably the largest disc pad range in the entire world, covering all European, Japanese and US vehicles.  There are a number of different pad types ranging from standard to Yellow.  Greenstuff pads offer a great improvement in stopping power and also reduce brake dust in most cases, these pads are designed for premium street cars up to 200bhp.  Ceramic Redstuff pads offer the next level of performance for faster road use such as Impreza & Evos etc, Redstuff pads are not a race pad but are intended for fast road use.  Yellow pads are graded for trackdays or for full race pads which are perfect for the faster saloon cars in track use.