We have  three different types of clutches in our range. 

Firstly there is our Remanufactured Clutch, this is the cheapest of the 3 options.  The Remanufactured Clutch is what we do on site, the old units come in and we remanufacture them.  The good thing about our clutches is that you can buy an individual item or the whole kit, there are only a few companies out on the market who sell single items.  We of course recommend that you should change the whole clutch kit when replacing parts, but sometimes this is not always necessary. We have been remaufacturing clutches since 1984 and have good knowledge about this product.  All our clutches are remanufactured to OE Specification.

The second option is the Brand New OE Spec Clutch, these are manufactured abroad and have been built to the OE specification of the branded clutches below.

The last option is the Brand New Clutch,  for example,  LUK & Valeo, these are an excellent choice of a new clutch, they are also very well known in the clutch industry.